Grading Scale

Last Updated: 4/25/2019 7:23 PM

All middle and high schools will use the established grading scale as shown below:

A 100 – 90%

B 89 – 80%

C 79 – 70%

D 69 – 60%

F 59% or Below

 A grade point average (GPA) includes grades earned in all courses completed in high school. GPAs are derived from quality points that are assigned to letter grades as listed below. A student’s GPA is equal to the sum of the total quality points earned, divided by the number of courses completed during high school.

A 4 points

B 3 points

C 2 points

D 1 point

F 0 points

Grades earned on end-of-course exams required for high school courses designated by Kentucky Administration Regulation shall count as twenty percent (20%) of a student’s final grade in a course.

Weighted Grade Point Average

For purposes of class ranking, Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) funding, and in accordance with Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) regulations and the Kentucky Revised Statutes, students who are enrolled in a College Board Advanced Placement (AP) class and take the College Board AP exam, College Credit or Dual Credit Classes, whether taken on campus, off campus or online, shall have grades weighted and distributed as follows:

A 5 points

B 4 points

C 3 points

D 2 points


*** Mathematics Grading Scale is determined by grade level and can be found in each teacher's syllabus.