Work Ethic Program

Work Ethic Certification Poster

The importance of a good work ethic cannot be underestimated.

Realizing the significance of a Work Ethic Certificate, BCPS is joined by the Bullitt County Chamber of Commerce, Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana and the Kentucky National Guard in sponsoring this program for students in fourth grade through high school senior.

District Director of College and Career Readiness/Innovative Programs Lee Barger explained the Work Ethic Certification is a program students participate in to learn and obtain a set of skills necessary to succeed in the work place.

“The skill set the students learn in this program will help them in other future endeavors,” he said. “The five specific standards are – attendance, behavior, grades, giving back and getting involved, drug free and workplace ethic instruction program.”

     Elementary School Standards:

     Attendance – Obtain no more than 2 unexcused absences.

     Behavior – Incur zero behavior incidents listed in Infinite Campus.

     Grades – Student must have a score of Basic or above when using standards based report cards.

     Giving Back and Getting Involved – Participate in any two:

  1. School/Community Team/Individual Sport
  2. School/Community Extracurricular Activity
  3. Complete 10 hours of Community Service

     Workplace Ethic Instruction Program – Complete this program (Essential Skills taught in this program include but are not limited to Adaptability, Diligence, Initiative, Knowledge, Reliability, Remaining Drug Free, and Working Well with Others.


For more information you can contact our counselor Mrs. Tina Anderson