Faculty Staff
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Dana Brown


Principal, Dana Brown Email

Tina Anderson



Photo of Mrs. Tina Anderson our counselor. Email
Curriculum Coach

Carla Wilson

Carla Wilson curriculum coach Email

Family Resource



Katie Wilkinson




Secretary Carolyn McClintock Carolyn Mcclintock Email

Volunteer Coordinator


Katie Brinner   Email
Finance Secretary Jennifer Sego Jennifer Sego Email


Stephanie Wilson

Cheri Newman

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Kindergarten Website


Karen Kerns

Katherine Reece

Makenzie Davenport

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Photo of Ms. Reece, a Kindergarten teacher at Overdale

Photo of Kindergarten Teacher, Ms. Davenport.


First Grade Website

Mrs. Meyer's Website


Makenna Moore

Jennifer Meyer

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Photo of Jennifer Meyer, 1st Grade Cloud Academy Teacher.


Second Grade Website

Angie Marksbury

Cameron McFarland

Jennifer Hornback

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Photo of 2nd Grade teachers Mrs. Hornback and Mrs. Marksbury standing in front of a space themed backdrop.

Third Grade               


Megan Evans

Andrea Scott

Jennifer Davenport


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Fourth Grade Website

Fifth Grade Website





Amanda Fitz

Rachel Gibbs

Mckinzee Krish

Paige Smith

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Fourth and Fifth grade team teachersPhoto of the fifth grade team members.


Special Area Websites:

Special Area Hub


Eduardo Newman (ART)

Traci Barger(Library)

Katie Morrison (MUSIC) 

Jessy Geary (PE)



Morrison Photo of the Physical Education Teacher, Jessy Geary.


Special Education Websites:

Holly Morgan Website

Ryan Sego Website

Ann Thomas Speech Language Pathologist


Brandi Gaddis: Website



Ryan Sego

Brandi Gaddis

Holly Morgan

Annie Thomas

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ryan sego   A Picture of Mrs. Brandi Gaddis

Reedy Morgan





Reading Recovery Website

Reading Recovery Virtual Classroom

Reading/Math Intervention Website

Instructional Tutor Denise Smith



Bettie Hart

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Lunchroom Manager Kitty Price Cafeteria STaff Email
Lunchroom Monitors

Nicole Stephan



Night Sweeper

Theresa Hall Theresa the custodian Email
Custodian Stephen Brown Photo of Stephen Brown Email
Night Sweeper