Principal's Message

Last Updated: 2/8/2019 6:16 PM

Bullitt County has been my home for nearly 50 years and my family has lived in this community for over four generations. Our county has been blessed with tremendous growth in the last twenty years and with that growth comes opportunity. A large factor in that growth has been the continued push of our Bullitt County School system that strives to be, “the leader in educational excellence.”

One merely needs to look around our great community to see the construction of both housing and industry. These growth areas provide many career opportunities that align with the six technical programs that we currently offer at the Bullitt County Area Technology Center (BCATC). The new construction of housing, factories, and warehouses is a perfect fit for our programs in Carpentry (Mr. Stephen Taylor), Electrical (Mr. Cameron Roberts), Masonry (Mr. Floyd Light), and Heating & Air-Conditioning (Mr. Samuel Wurzelbacher). New industries like Santa Rosa Systems, New Flyer, & Tower are creating a demand for our Welding (Mr. Kevin Benet) and Advanced Manufacturing & Robotics (Mr. Scott Wallen) programs. As our population continues to soar there will be an increased need for our students in the Automotive (Mr. Brian Dugan) and Health Science (Ms. Laura Godbold) programs. Lastly our proximity to the UPS Air Hub at the Louisville International Airport makes our Aviation (Robert Dickson) program a very unique and relevant field. In addition, current students will have the opportunity to earn college credits from Eastern Kentucky University and also have the possibility of gaining their Remote Pilot Certificate by passing the FAA part 107 small unmanned systems examination. We also have students in dual credit pathways in Aviation Maintenance at JCTC and Diesel Technology at ECTC. We are seeking to grow these dual credit opportunities in other areas in partnership with these and other institutions.

As our community continues to grow we will continually look to expand our offerings at the BCATC to match the academic and technical skills that are in high demand in Bullitt County and the Louisville Metro area.

The daily operation of our building is highly dependent on administrative assistant Nancy Flood and our plant manager Bobbi Seay. Nancy will most likely be the first person to greet or talk with you on the phone and Bobbi will ensure that everything in our building is running smoothly and efficiently.

I love Bullitt County and it is my sincere goal to create a place that provides opportunities for our children to live, work, and thrive in our great community.

Thank you for your support of our school, its faculty and staff, and most importantly our students. Please feel free to contact me at (502) 869-6900 or by email at


J. Darrell Vincent --- Principal