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Last Updated: 8/1/2018 3:05 AM

The School Technology Coordinator (STC) handles the basic duties of troubleshooting computers, setting up new computers or "ghosting" old computers in classrooms or labs, loading or updating necessary software, and maintaining the "hardware" within a school. Your STC is your first line of defense when troubleshooting a "hardware" issue in your classroom. Please remember to fill out necessary work orders so our STC's have a record of maintenance and technology work within the school. When an STC cannot fix a hardware issue, they will transfer the work order to a school's "District Technician."

School Technology Coordinator Contact List

 Click this link for the All Bullitt County STC's Distribution Email Group


Brooks Elementary School Pending Phone: 869-2000
Cedar Grove Elementary School Missy Key Phone: 869-3800
Crossroads Elementary School Kellie Weihe  Phone: 869-7400
Freedom Elementary School Trisha Eskridge Phone: 869-3600
Lebanon Junction Elementary School DiannaJo Crawford Phone: 869-2200
Maryville Elementary School Melissa Pratt Phone: 869-2400
Mt. Washington Elementary School Josh Vibbert Phone: 869-3000
Nichols Elementary School Deanna Brown Phone: 869-2600
Old Mill Elementary School Becky Wise Phone: 869-3200
Overdale Elementary School Tammy Scrogham Phone: 869-2800
Pleasant Grove Elementary School Danielle Atcher Phone: 869-3400
Roby Elementary School Angie O'Keefe Phone: 869-7200
Shepherdsville Elementary School Pamela Meek Phone: 869-7000
Bernheim Middle School Karla Elliott Phone: 869-4000
Bullitt Lick Middle School Mary Carpenter Phone: 869-5400
Eastside Middle School Scott Hatfield Phone: 869-5000
Hebron Middle School Stacy Ecton Phone: 869-4200
Mt. Washington Middle School Gretchen Williams Phone: 869-5200
Zoneton Middle School Bethany Voight Phone: 869-4400
Bullitt Central High School Pending Phone: 869-6000
Bullitt East High School Kellie Davis Phone: 869-6400
North Bullitt High School Emir Dizdarevic Phone: 869-2200
Bullitt Alternative Center/Riverview Scott Schweitzer Phone: 869-6600
Area Technology Center Darrell Vincent Phone:  543-7018