**Parents-Quick Cyber-Safety Tips**

  1. Make sure your child does not spend all of his/her time on the computer. People, not computers, should be their best friends and companions.
  2. Teach them never to meet an online friend offline unless you are with them.
  3. Teach them what information they can share with others online and what they can't (like telephone numbers, address, their full name and school).

Digital Immigrants vs. Digital Natives

  • A digital immigrant is an individual who grew up "without" digital technology and adopted it later. 
  • A digital native is a person for whom digital technologies already existed when they were born, and hence has "grown up with" digital technology. 
 Digital Citizenship -

Digital Immigrants Prefer:

  • Controlled release of information from limited sources
  • Single or “focused tasks”
  • Often prefer to get information from text
  • Greater need for private and personal space for introspection
  • Like information presented linearly, logically, and sequentially

Digital Natives Prefer:

  • Receiving information quickly from multiple sources
  • Multitasking and parallel processingPictures, sounds, and video before text
  • Hyperlinked sources
  • Interacting in “real-time”
  • User generated content
  • Learning that is instant, relevant, and fun