"Intelligent Classrooms" bring authentic instruction to the learner, foster collaboration, and empower teachers to motivate and prepare learners for a complex 21st Century society. Perhaps more importantly, these classrooms provide a vital connection between school and the digital lives of our students. (Excerpt from http://www.edb.utexas.edu/education/centers/ltc/news/2009/21stcen/)

  • How can BCPS teachers tackle the challenge of instructing our “digital natives?”
  • How can BCPS teachers engage students in ways that are familiar to them, as well as integrate the power of real-world technologies to prepare our students for an increasingly technological and complex world?

The mission of the Bullitt County Technology Department is to provide the most effective and efficient information systems possible to empower and equip the students, faculty, and staff with the latest technology and resources to help meet our goals as a learning community.  Increasing accessibility for all stakeholders has consistently promoted the integration of technology into the curriculum while fostering a student-learning environment that encourages, enhances, and truly integrates technological skills.  BCPS will continue to provide the students with the most marketable technological skills and experiences to compete in a dynamic and complex global society.

Teachers will be able to effectively and efficiently integrate technology into the curriculum by:

  • Learning the basics of available technology
  • Using technology to support and enhance instruction
  • Integrating new technology into classroom practice
  • Discovering new uses for technology tools or designing projects that combine multiple technologies
  • Focusing on cooperative, interdisciplinary work with technology being just one of many tools that students use