Senior Info Page

Last Updated: 5/31/2018 5:38 PM


ATTENDANCE: Students who have 10 or more unexcused absences will not be able to participate in prom and graduation.  

SENIOR PROJECTS AND SCHOOL SPONSORED OR APPROVED ACTIVITY FORMS: Students who have not turned in a Senior Project and/or a School Sponsored or Approved Activity Form will not graduate per the Bullitt County Board of Education Policy.

PAYMENTS TO THE SCHOOL: All debts must be paid to the school.  All textbooks, chromebooks and library books must be returned, all fundraising debts must be paid, and all uniforms/equipment must be returned.  Chromebooks that are not returned will cost $80.  In order to participate in Graduation practice and Graduate all debts must be taken care of before Thursday May 30th, 2019 at 7:10 a.m.  

FINAL TRANSCRIPTS: Make sure that you have set up your Parchment account.  Counselors will be using Parchment to submit final transcripts to colleges



CHROMEBOOK COLLECTION: Chromebooks will be collected during the day on Friday May 17th.  The chromebook and the charger has to be returned. Non functioning or damaged Chromebooks will be subject to repair charges.  The maximum cost for damaged or missing chromebook will be $80.

SENIOR EXAMS: Senior Final Exams will be given on Wednesday, May 22nd , 2019 (periods 1,4 & 7) and Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 (periods 2 & 6) May 24th (periods 3 & 5)

SENIOR FIELD DAY: Tuesday May 28th, 2019

  • SENIOR FIELD DAY- competitive games, food, and fun.

    • Seniors not on-track to graduate will not be allowed to participate!



GRADUATION PRACTICE SCHEDULE FOR Wednesday May 29th 2019:  MANDATORY ATTENDANCE!(cannot walk if not present)

  • Be at school at 7:10 a.m. for the class picture

  • We will finish graduation practice at 12:00 p.m.

  • Seniors may leave school at 12:00p.m. if the following procedure is followed:

A parent of guardian must give permission for seniors to leave school at 12:00p.m.  This can be done by either the parent or guardian providing a notarized permission form to the school; the parent/guardian coming to school and signing a permission form prior to noon on Friday May 24th 2019; or a parent/guardian coming to school at 12:00p.m. to sign the permission form for the senior  to leave school. Identification is required when a parent/guardian sign the dismissal form at NBHS.

**Forms may be notarized for free at NBHS by Jan Reece, secretary.

Special Note: According to state attendance regulations, any student leaving prior to 12:00pm (even if sign out procedures are followed) will result in the student being counted absent for that time. (702KAR 7: 125 Section 8 (3)  “The student actual percentage of the school day shall be recorded for attendance of a student absent more than sixty (60) minutes of the regularly-scheduled school day for the pupil’s grade level.”) Students will be counted absent for rest of school day.  Only students who have enough absent time to use may be released.





(cannot walk if not present)

  • Be at school at 7:10 a.m. for graduation practice

  • SENIOR CLASS PICTURE-Bring your cap and gown for the senior picture.  All seniors are to be present for the picture whether or not you plan to purchase the picture.

  • Walk through Hebron, North and Freedom.

  • Graduation practice will conclude by 10:00am.



GRAD NITE 2019 AT NORTH BULLITT: Saturday June 1st , 9pm to 4am

  • Seniors may begin arriving and checking in at 9 p.m.

  • Students must check in by 10 pm.  No entry after 10 pm.

  • Seniors may leave at any time, but parents will be notified that the student has left Grad Nite.  Seniors will not be readmitted once they have left Grad Nite.

  • Activities may include: a photo booth, basketball, volleyball, DJ, Karaoke, movies, games, inflatable bouncy games, food, prizes (including door prizes and cash prizes), and souvenirs (other activities are still being added and finalized).


GRADUATION CEREMONY SCHEDULE FOR Saturday, June 1st 11am, Broadbent Arena

  • The graduation ceremony is scheduled to begin at 11am  Broadbent Arena at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center.

  • Tickets are not needed for admission.

  • Persons in wheelchairs should sit in designated areas.

  • Cameras and video cameras are permitted at graduation, put please remember to keep the aisles open and to be courteous to others in the audience.

    • Tripods are not permitted.

  • The Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center does charge for parking. An $8 parking charge will be assessed to each vehicle that enters.

  • Family members need to silence all electronic devices during Graduation.  

  • Seniors must be in the assigned assembly area NO LATER THAN 10:00am.  Seniors will be told at graduation practice where to assemble and which faculty member they are to check-in with.

    • Please arrive at Broadbent Arena dressed and ready to go.  There will not be time to change, do makeup, etc.

    • Do not bring purses, cameras, cell phones, no sunglasses, no gum, etc.

    • Girls should wear dresses and dress shoes with graduation gowns.  Boys should wear dress shirt (collared shirt) and dress pants (dark color or khaki).   Athletic shoes and flip flops will not be allowed.  Boys cannot wear sandals. All students should wear their caps and gowns that are wrinkle free.  

    • Tassels should be hanging from the left side of the cap for Graduation ceremonies.  

    • Nothing is to be placed on the graduation cap, except for the provided tassel.

  • All students will be searched prior to start of ceremony to ensure no devices are used to inhibit ceremony events.



  • Students that have completed all graduation requirements and are not participating in graduation are not required to participate in graduation practice.

  • Diplomas can be picked up at North Bullitt starting June 3rd.  No diplomas will be mailed and only students or designated family members can pick them up.  All debts must be paid prior to diplomas being picked up.





____Check with your counselor to be sure you have all required classes to graduate

____Register for the ACT Test if necessary

____Check the requirements closely for each college/university you are interested in attending

____Plan college visits – check with the college for open house dates

____Order senior clothing


____Take the October ACT Test

____File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online

____Speak with college representatives that visit the school

____Give recommendation forms to teachers and counselors writing recommendations for you

____If an essay is required with an application, complete the first draft


____November 1st is a deadline for many early decision applications

____Complete your essays and keep copies

____Register for the December ACT Test if necessary

____Check for new scholarships in the guidance office


____Submit college applications early

____Gather family income information for tax preparation and completion of financial aid form

____Register for a PIN so you can complete and sign the Free Application for Federal Student Aid

____December 15th is the deadline to apply to some selective colleges

____Check for new scholarships in the guidance office

____Complete forms for ordering diplomas and caps/gowns


____Check with your prospective schools about additional financial aid

____Check for new scholarships in the guidance office

____Maintain good grades; second semester grades count

____Receive information regarding graduation announcements



____Check status of applications if you haven’t received responses

____Check for new scholarships in the guidance office


____Senior Projects and School Sponsored/Approved Activity forms due before Spring Break

____Check dates for Advanced Placement Test, if needed

____Check for new scholarships in the guidance office


____You will receive acceptance/rejection letters from colleges to which you applied

____Respond promptly, in writing, for action on admissions, scholarships, and financial aid offers

____Check deadlines for housing if planning to live on campus


____Turn in a list of ALL scholarship offers to Ms. Whitlock

____Return all books, equipment and uniforms; pay any fees/fines due to clear hold on diploma

____Attend graduation practice

____Complete final transcript request form so your transcript will be mailed to the college you choose