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 In the 1990 legislative session, the Kentucky General Assembly passed HB 940, which is best known as the Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA). Essentially, this piece of legislation changed the face of education in Kentucky. One drastic change that came along with KERA was KRS 160.345‚Äč, which outlined school-based decision making councils.

Membership of each council includes parents, teachers, and an administrator of the school and school councils promote shared leadership among those who are closest to the students. School councils have the responsibility to set school policy and make decisions outlined in statute, which should provide an environment to enhance student achievement. The policies should assist in meeting the goals established in KRS 158.645 and KRS 158.6451.


To be eligible to serve on the school council, parents must have a student enrolled or preregistered to attend the school for the year they will be serving on the council. Additionally, eligibility requirements are as follows:

• The definition of parent includes anyone who is a parent, stepparent, foster parent and/or a person who has legal custody of a student. [KRS 160.345(1)(d)]

• A parent representative on the school council cannot be an employee or relative of an employee of the school in which that parent serves, nor shall the parent representative be an employee or a relative of an employee in the district administrative offices. [KRS 160.345(2)(a)]

• A parent representative cannot be a local board of education member or the spouse of a board member. [KRS 160.345(2)(a)]


Parents must be elected by the parents of students pre-registered to attend the school during the term of office. The election is to be conducted by the parent and teacher organization, or largest group of parents formed for the purpose of parent elections. Election by plurality (most votes by the top two candidates) is all that is required for parent elections. Parent groups conducting the parent elections should establish written procedures for their elections, and then follow those procedures.

SBDM Parent Representative Training
Each year, Bullitt County Public Schools offers, free of charge, training for each member of SBDM.  A 6 hour new member training as well as a 3 hour experienced member training is available.

Background Records Check
A parent school council representative must submit to a criminal fingerprint background check by the Kentucky State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation and also submit a letter from the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) stating the member has no administrative findings of substantiated child abuse or neglect through a background check of child abuse and neglect records. [KRS 160.380(11)].

An administrative finding is defined as a substantiated finding that is… 

• not appealed through an administrative hearing;

• upheld at an administrative hearing and not appealed to the Circuit Court; or

• upheld by a Circuit Court on appeal.

The results of the background check and the letter from CHFS are sent to the school district superintendent. 


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