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IC-Staff Tutorials

Infinite Campus Lesa Duncan

This page contains tutorials and video links for staff for Infinite Campus tutorials.

I will also have helpful documents and cheat sheets for staff here.

Campus Beta Gradebook introduction can be found here.

Teachers Day to Day usage activities are outlined here.

Setting up your campus gradebook can be seen here.

Importing records info can be found here.

Registering student and building households process can be seen here.

Printing a single students report card from the Grades Tab can be found here.

Directions for counselors to set up an elementary school so that the 5th grade students can have a running gpa directions can be found here.

Counselors directions for opening the grading window so teachers can post grades will be found here.

How do I print and troubleshoot printing on my report card can be found here.

How do I set up my courses for next year? Directions can be found here.

Administrators can post messages for staff to appear in their process inbox or for parents to appear in their process inbox in IC portal by following the process here.

Someone in my school has had a name change how do I change their name correctly? That info can be found here.

How do I add a primary or a secondary teacher to a section of a course? Directions can be found here.


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