Accepting Donations and Gifts

Grants Last Updated: 9/26/2019 1:19 PM


All gifts and donations to schools, departments or the Bullitt County Public School District of  must be accepted by the Bullitt County Board of Education. Recipients should contact the District Grant Writer by completing the Gift and Donation Reporting Form. The District Grant Writer will include the gift or
donation on an upcoming Board of Education meeting agenda for consideration. Please be prepared to provide:

• The donor’s name

• The date of the donation

• The fair-market value of the donation

• A description of any non-monetary donations

• A description of the recipient(s)

• A description of how the gift/donation will be used

Once the grant is approved by the Board of Education, any authorized signature(s) for gift agreements, contracts, etc. should be obtained through District Grant Writer Jackie Roth. Only certain personnel are qualified to sign as an authorized BCPS representative.