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Social Workers Last Updated: 9/18/2020 7:07 PM

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Mission: To enhance students' abilities to succeed in school by developing and sustaining partnerships that promote early learning and successful transition into school, academic achievement and well-being, and graduation and transition into adult life.

Family Resource centers (FRCs) serve families and children from birth through age 12 and provide programs and services including: full time child care for 2 and 3 year olds; after-school child cre for children age 4-12; Families in Training programs for new and expectant parents and their children birth-5; parent and child education or similar family literacy programs; and, referrals to health services.

Youth Service Centers serve youth older than 12 years old and provide: health and social services referrals; employment counseling, training and placement; summer and part-time job develppment; drug and alcohol abuse counseling; and, family crisis and mental health counseling.

Each Center has an advisory council made up of teachers, parents, community members and students (YSC only). If you are interested in serving on a FRYSC advisory council please contact the FRYSC Coordinator at the school of your choice.


Roby & Nichols Elementary
Coordinator- Jacey Smothers  Jacey Smothers

Roby Elementary Nichols Elementary   
502-869-7212 502-869-2612
Monday, Wednesday, Friday Tuesday, Thursday                        


Old Mill & Crossroads Elementary

Leigh Ann Lowery   Coordinator- Leigh Ann Lowery

        Old Mill Elementary Crossroads Elementary
502-869-3212 502-869-7412
 Tuesday, Thursday Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Maryville & Overdale Elementary

Coordinator- Tiffany Reynolds   Tiffany Reynolds

Maryville Elementary Overdale Elementary
502-869-2412 502-869-2812
Mornings Afternoons

Shepherdsville Elementary
Coordinator - Traci Gould


Traci Gould   


Cedar Grove & Lebanon Junction Elementary

Coordinator- Tammy Perdew  tammy perdew

Cedar Grove Elementary Lebanon Junction Elementary
502-869-3812 502-869-2212
Wednesday Afternoons, Thursday, Fridays Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Mornings     


Brooks & Freedom Elementary

Sherri Bishop  Coordinator- Sherri Bishop

Brooks Elementary Freedom Elementary
502-869-2012 502-869-3612
Monday, Wednesday, Friday Tuesday, Thursday


Mt. Washington & Pleasant Grove Elementary

Coordinator- Sherry Brown     Sherry Brown

Mt. Washington Elementary Pleasant Grove Elementary
502-869-3012 502-869-3412



Bernheim Middle & Bullitt Lick Middle

 Tiffany Jenkins   Coordinator- Tiffany Jenkins

Bernheim Middle Bullitt Lick Middle
502-869-4013 502-869-5412
Monday, Tuesday, Friday       Wednedsday, Thursday, Friday


Hebron Middle & Zoneton Middle

 Pam Herm   Coordinator- Pam Herm


Hebron Middle Zoneton Middle
502-869-4212 502-869-4412
Monday, Wednesday, Friday Mornings Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Afternoons


Mt. Washington Middle and Eastside Middle
Coordinator - Megan Hatter

 Megan Hatter

Mt. Washington Middle


Monday, Tuesday and Friday

MWMS/EMS YSC website


Eastside Middle School

(502) 869-5000

Wednesday and Thursday

Bullitt Central High
Coordinator - Christy Hardin

   Christy Hardin


Bullitt East High
Coordinator - Erin Emington White



North Bullitt High
Coordinator - Jennifer Lowe


  Jennifer Lowe

Bullitt County Public Schools
1040 Highway 44 East
Shepherdsville, KY 40165