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Bullitt Advanced Math and Science Sophomore Sendoff
Bullitt Advanced Math and Science sophomores celebrate. BAMS students earned their lab coats. BAMS sophomore sendoff. BAMS Co-Hort 7 sophomore Gavin Young. Teacher Robert "Chip" Davidson read names. Teacher Robert "Chip" Davidson read names while fellow educator Stephanie Lewis posed with youth. BAMS sophomore sendoff. Bullitt Advanced Math and Science sophomore sendoff. Stephanie Lewis congratulated sophomores. BAMS students ready for JCTC. Course completion meant each BAMS students earned a lab coat. Robert "Chip" Davidson and Stephanie Lewis enjoyed honoring BAMS students. Honoring BAMS sophomores. BAMS sophomores are recognized, Honoring BAMS sophomores. Recognizing BAMS student accomplishments. Stephanie Lewis assists Jacob Harrison. Congratulating BAMS students. BAMS sophomore recognition. BAMS Co hort 7 honors. Congratulating successful cohort 7 youth. BAMS sophomores earn lab coats. BAMS sophomores recognized. BAMS sophomores earn lab coats and certificates. BAMS students recognized by teachers. BAMS students receive recognition. BAMS students selected one of their own. Sophomore Superlative Awards. Sophomore Superlative Awards presented, BAMS teachers Stephanie Lewis and Robert Davidson present a Sophomore Superlative Award. Victoria Carroll was selected by classmates as Fashion Model. Matthew Hood was selected by classmates as Most Likely to Become President. Sophomore superlative. BAMS Mom and Dad. Mr. and Mrs. BAMS. BAMS students who attained perfect attendance for the 2017-2018 school year. BAMS students who won Best Performance for a GE Vehicle. Best Vehicle Design. Most Creative Vehicle. Most Efficient Vehicle.
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