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Cyndi Bell Named Zoneton Middle School Principal

Cyndi Bell

Cyndi Bell has seen firsthand the impact that a principal can have within a building.

“I have always desired to be a positive and influential force for the benefit of students,” she said. “At this point in my career, I feel I am ready for the next challenge and look forward to leading Zoneton to amazing new heights.”

Thus, Bell departs her role as Bullitt East High School Assistant Principal Jan. 31, 2019 to lead Zoneton following the Feb. 1 retirement of Ann Ford.

“I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to the Zoneton Site Based Council for their hard work and dedication in this process...and ultimately for providing me this opportunity,” Bell said.

She is also grateful for her time working as assistant principal at both Hebron Middle School and Bullitt East.

"These experiences have been instrumental in my preparation for this position,” Bell remarked. “Hebron introduced me to Bullitt County and allowed me the opportunity to fully discover my leadership style as well as my individual strengths (and areas for growth) as an administrator. Bullitt East taught me the importance of students being transition ready and the significance of strong classroom communities and relationships. Throughout both positions I have been truly blessed to work with so many amazing educators who have inspired me daily!”

Bell confesses she has always been a middle school girl at heart having taught at the middle school level throughout her entire teaching career and absolutely adoring that age group.

“I truly feel that middle school students are at such a crucial point in their lives and the impact an educator can have during these years is astronomical,” she reflected. “Therefore, I have always had a desire to lead a middle school as I feel that is where I have the ability and knowledge to make the greatest impact.”

With that in mind, in the short term, Bell is anxious to see, and get her head fully wrapped around, the implementation of Summit Learning, plus, “I have a lot of student and staff names to learn!”

In the long term, Bell desires to see Zoneton return to the basic structures of education in order to see significant growth among ALL students.

“I see ZMS as being a community/neighborhood school and I want to establish strong partnerships among the residence and businesses of Hillview for the benefit of our students,” she said. 

When asked what she feels is the most challenging issue facing education today, Bell had answers from two different perspectives - educators and students.

“From an educator’s stand point, I believe the most challenging issue is the recycling of ideas in an effort to grow,” she said. “I believe that education has been treated as a Jenga game where we have continued to stack more and more pieces on top in an effort to grow. However, as a result, we have a very unsteady base and teachers who are overworked and struggle to juggle all of the responsibilities and initiatives.”

“From a student’s viewpoint, I believe social media and cell phones, as a whole, are the biggest issue facing education. What was originally seen and utilized in a positive fashion, has since become the driving force in students’ declining emotional and social well-being,” Bell said.

Bell earned her Ed.S – Level 1 and Level 2 Principal Certification in 2014-2015 from University of the Cumberlands.

She holds a Masters degree in Middle School Education with emphasis in Math and Science from 2007-2011 from the University of Louisville.

Her Bachelors degree in Middle School Education with emphasis in Math and Science was attained from 1991-1995 through Murray State University.

Bell has National Board Teacher Certification in Adolescent Mathematics.

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