Overdale Elementary School Piloting health.moves.minds.™ Program

Overdale Elementary School health.moves.minds

The impact of physical activity on mental and emotional health has led Overdale Elementary School’s PE Teacher Todd Crumbacker to implement health.moves.minds.™.

“Overdale is proud to partner with SHAPE America and the health.moves.minds.™!” he said. “We will help our students become more aware of how physical activity can impact their mental and emotional health. In kindness and with mindfulness we will win!”

Crumbacker explained that through health.moves.minds.™ students are learning how to take care of their mind and body, while also developing important character traits such as kindness and empathy.

To his knowledge, Overdale is one of several pilot schools for Kentucky and one of the only schools in the United States getting health.moves.minds.™ off the ground.

“One of the main focuses of health.moves.minds.™ is to bring mindfulness and kindness to the forefront of all elementary schools,” Crumbacker explained. “Students who are mentally and emotionally healthy are better able to manage negative emotions and overcome life’s obstacles.”

Although reasons vary, Crumbacker noted social emotional learning and mindfulness are lacking in today’s youth. He has seen it in his years as a classroom instructor.

“This program addresses this concern and helps to inspire a more mindful and kind environment in all elementary schools,” he said.

This school year has also seen a new face at Overdale.

“Leo the Lifeguard is a character that I dress up as occasionally to help bring some positive energy here to OES!” Crumbacker said. “Our school-wide theme this year is 5-Star Resort. OES is a kid’s beach resort and we want to be the best; Leo helps to inspire others to contribute in this 5 Star Resort status.

Leo the Lifeguard was also the very first person in the USA to make an online donation to health.moves.minds.™.

“I do believe that this program will be around for many years to come and it is cool to think that Overdale Elementary has the chance to be a pioneer in this movement,” Crumbacker said.

Check out the links below for some more information:


https://donate.shapeamerica.org/team/249375 (OES Team Page)

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NM2CocHWo165F9lhAGow5fbCdEay99BT/view?usp=sharing (Fifth graders participating in guided meditation)

 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WUCRu-Ie09keRdJA237-Cd4F32bSLMPS/view?usp=sharing (Leo the Lifeguard Clam Jar.

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