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Hannah Young Chosen for 2020 Kentucky Governor's School for the Arts

Hannah Young of BEHS

Hannah Young knows there is drama in high school.

The Bullitt East High School junior was recently accepted to focus on that very subject during the KY Governor’s School for the Arts summer symposium.

“I made it in to the summer program for Drama and am very excited to be attending Governor’s School for the Arts this summer,” said the 17 year-old daughter of Camaron and Nathan Young of Shepherdsville.

Hannah heard of GSA before and knew it would be a great opportunity to prepare for the future, get scholarships, and challenge herself as an artist.

“With doing research earlier on, I knew that the applications to get in were coming up, and was surprised that nobody at Bullitt East had mentioned anything through the announcements like they had for the Governor’s Scholars Program,” she noted. “I luckily was able to catch the application openings a week before they were due. It was stressful and a lot of work putting together a whole application in a week, but it all worked out for the best, and I am truly grateful for this opportunity.”

Hannah was scheduled as a finalist to travel out to the University of Kentucky for a live audition but organizers ended up cancelling due to the COVID-19 pandemic and informed artists they would be using the original application submitted online for the preliminary round.

“Hannah is such a deserving young woman,” Eastside Middle School science teacher and drama department sponsor Christina Stidom said. “She has the work ethic of a dedicated adult. She takes her position as volunteer Director at Eastside very seriously. I can’t wait to see what new ideas she will bring back with her from her summer program. We are lucky to have her.”

“I do think it helped in my Essay and Personal Question video that I mentioned how I not only act but direct at Eastside Middle School and how I hope to continue in the future inspiring schools and students to pursue their arts programs and allow them to grow,” Hannah noted.

Acting since the tender age of three, performing has always been a passion for Hannah.

“Acting has been a way for me to express myself and bring so many amazing stories and characters to life, which bring joy, laughter, and entertainment to each audience,” she reflected. “I have a very deep appreciation for the theater and its history. With stage acting, you only get one chance each show to portray a character’s story and their emotions. It is not an easy genre by any means and I look up to many actors, writers, and directors who have made a living of it.”

Hannah anticipates not only exploring what she will be doing in college but also becoming a part of a huge community of aspiring artists that are her age.

“One of my favorite parts of being involved with the arts is the people you meet and the connections you make. I am looking forward to working with many professionals who were at one time in my place and just gaining a ton of insight from each of their classes,” she affirmed.

Hannah had quite the class schedule this academic year with Algebra 3, Wind Ensemble (playing Bassoon in the top band at Bullitt East), EDTP 201(teaching career pathway class), Digital Literacy, AP US History, Physics, and AP English 3.

Her extracurricular activities include membership in National Honors Society (NHS), Beta Club, Pep Band and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), directing the theater productions at Eastside Middle School and *being in* the cast in A Little Mermaid at Bullitt East before COVID-19 closed schools.

Hannah expressed appreciate to English and Theatre teacher Dan Barrett who helped her find a monologue and counselor Crystal Barr helping with a letter of recommendation.

Barrett said when Hannah was in search of monologue material, either period or contemporary, he offered some leads and audition parameters.

“Hannah is a self-starter, but also gracious in receiving constructive support,” he said. “I’m already a fan of hers, so I look forward to her stories and contributions upon returning from the GSA.”

Barr described Hannah as a “very talented, kind, and hard-working young lady.” “While she is passionate about the arts, she is also very focused on her studies and is currently ranked in the top 10% of her class. She has taken a challenging class schedule, but also still found the time to be involved in the choir, band, and drama programs at BEHS.”

Barr said she was so excited for Hannah’s selection.

“I think GSA will be a wonderful opportunity for her and she will have much to offer to the program,” Barr said.

“I am also extremely thankful for Mrs. Stidom,” Hannah said. “My application was inspired by the work I do at Eastside with my drama students, so I thank her for letting me come over and direct. She also wrote my teacher recommendation letter since she knows me the best and has had me in her class and in theater over there since sixth grade.”

Stidom said she was quite happy when Hannah informed her she got in to GSA.

Hannah plans to major in Dramatic Studies and, at the moment, either double major or minor in Education.

“I would love to intern and eventually work with Kentucky Shakespeare in the future with their Creative Production Team for their summer productions in the park or as part of their Traveling Educators Team who get to travel around to various schools performing and running workshops and camps,” she said. “I am not fully decided on everything yet but I know it will all work out in the future. I’m looking forward to GSA helping me explore the opportunities a career in theater can do.”

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