North Bullitt High School 2020 Governor's Scholars

NBHS 2020 Governor's Scholars

Here is a profile of North Bullitt’s Governor’s Scholars: Jessica Bickett, Morgan Daubard, and Abigail Cook.

Jessica Bickett

The GSP scholars of previous years inspired Jessica to complete the application.

“I have been friends with many GSP scholars and they have all talked to me about what an amazing experience it is and encouraged me to apply,” she said.

She firmly believes the strongest part of her application was her volunteer work.

“I try to volunteer frequently,” said the 17 year-old daughter of Christy and Robert Bickett. “This includes being a second grade religious education assistant teacher. This is an important year because they complete 2 sacraments.”

Jessica learned she was a newly minted GSP through an email from her counselor.

“I immediately ran up the stairs to tell my family and we all hugged. I was very happy when I received my acceptance,” she smiled.

Looking ahead to the GSP experience, Jessica anticipates getting acquainted with young people like herself along with elements such as scholarship opportunities, a college experience and exploring different curriculum fields.

She feels confident that GSP will be so incredible, she already plans to assist next year’s juniors.

“I plan to help those interested in the process of applying through our mentoring program at NBHS,” she said.

As a high school student, Jessica said North Bullitt prepared her for GSP in the areas of meeting deadlines, not to procrastinate and the challenging dual credit and AP classes.

She is also enrolled in Spanish II, EDTP 201 (Education Class I) (University of Louisville), AP U.S. History, Pre-AP Chemistry, AP English Language and Composition.

Her school activities include President of the VIP Club, Officer of Student Advisory, Beta Club, Cross Country (5 years), Track and Field (4 years), Second Grade Religious Education Teacher Assistant at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Youth Group, Bullitt County Lady Leaders and National Honor Society.

Jessica has earned numerous accolades including selection to the McConnell Center Youth Leader Academy, Hugh O' Brian Kentucky Youth Leadership, Fourth Individual Cross Country State Qualifier in Region 3 AA, Bullitt County “Very Important Partner” (VIP) Alumni, “Most Outstanding Female Sophomore” Award, Cross Country “Heart Award”, Beta Club “Most Volunteer Hours” Award, 6th place 3200 meter run Class 3AA Regional Track Meet, 6th place 1600 meter run Class 3AA Regional Track Meet, Track and Field “Sportsmanship Award”, Cross Country “Most Improved Award” and Beta Club “Over 100 Hours” Award.

Her career will involve working with kids, perhaps as a teacher!

Morgan Daubard

Some of Morgan’s family members and close friends attended GSP in previous years.

“I felt it was a program that I would be interested in and wanted to pursue,” she said.

Morgan said the service section was definitely the strongest and led to her selection.

“I am very passionate about helping others and I volunteer my time in many capacities,” she said. “I also serve on the teen board at both the Louisville Zoo and Norton Children’s Hospital. The service section was very strong due to my past volunteer experience as well as paid service. I worked as a summer student worker at North Bullitt the past two summers, last year with Jessie Bickett.”

Morgan also viewed her extracurricular section as strong citing her involvement in many activities and clubs, a few of which are Health Occupational Students of America, Teen Court, Student Advisory, the teen boards, etc.

Counselor April Walker notified Morgan by email of her selection.

“It is kinda funny because the GSP website said they would be mailing notifications April 16-18 and I had been to get the mail every morning awaiting anxiously for the letter,” Morgan explained. “ON a recent Friday, I checked the mail and hadn’t yet received any letters, but later I checked my email and there was an email from Mrs. Walker. I showed the email to my mom first and texted a couple of my senior friends who had helped me with my application and thanked them for their willingness to help me. A day later, I received the letter in the mail, presumably with all the other applicants, as there were many social media posts of juniors receiving their letters.”

In her GSP experience, Morgan hopes to meet so many different people that have similar interests but maybe different backgrounds, and also to be able to learn from them.

“I also hope that this experience helps me grow as an individual and a person all around,” said the 16 year-old daughter of Buffie and Shad Daubard. “I hope to become more of a leader and learn from so many people to grow to the best person I can be.”

During her senior year, Morgan will commit to encourage fellow students to apply.

“It is a very long process and is time-consuming, to say the least, but I feel it will be very rewarding. I think that thinking back on the work I put in, it was definitely worth just the happiness on everyone’s faces and the feeling of being proud of myself when I read I was accepted. I can’t wait to find out how much more rewarding this program is,” she explained.

“I have always had a somewhat ‘accelerated’ educational path,” she continued. “I attended Discovery School in middle school, and as a junior, I am taking many senior classes. More importantly, I would say learning from the senior alumni, who attended GSP last year, and their revisions and comments to my application before submitting it was invaluable.”

Morgan’s current class schedule includes MSU (dual-credit), Math 174 (pre-calculus), Sociology/Art History, Forensics, Personal Finance, AP English Literature and Composition (AP English 4) AP Psychology and Principles of Health Science/Allied Health Core Skills. Her extracurricular activities include Teen Boards (Norton’s Children’s Hospital and Louisville Zoo), HOSA, BETA Club, Bullitt County Teen Court and Hebron Middle School Tutor.

Morgan plans to attend the University of Louisville, majoring in criminal justice and UofL's 3+3 Law Program (3 years undergrad, criminal justice major, 3 years law school at U of L).

“I aspire to be a Juvenile Justice Attorney and advocate for children and people who are not able to have a voice for themselves,” she said.

Abigail Cook

A 2017 Governor’s Scholar inspired Abigail to prepare an application.

“I was able to see the ways she was positively impacted by the program and knew that I wanted to strive to become a 2020 Governor’s Scholar,” she said. “Since then, I’ve had people close to me from North Bullitt and from my soccer team attend the program. The Governor’s Scholar Program was an opportunity that I knew would challenge me to become a better student/person and would open up doors for my future.”

Abigail feels her application was very strong in the extracurricular and honors/awards category.

“Throughout high school my goal has been becoming involved in my school while also striving to maintain academic excellence,” she explained. “That being said, throughout my high school career, I have gained academic awards for my GPA as well as athletic awards for soccer as well as my GPA. For example, I was selected to the Kentucky High School Athletic Association Academic All-State First Team. This award proved to the screeners that I was a dedicated athlete but also dedicated to my grades.”

The GSP letter identified Abigail as an ‘alternate’ meaning she will wait and see if a student cannot attend so she can fill their spot.

“I have already been preparing as my family and I have chosen to not reschedule our vacation that was booked for the summer in case I am selected to participate in the program,” she said. “If I am notified to participate, I plan on accepting and becoming ready as quickly as I can.”

Her junior class schedule includes three periods at North Bullitt and two classes at Jefferson Community and Technical College.

“The classes at North Bullitt are AP Government and Politics, French 2, & AP Calculus AB,” she described. “The first semester at JCTC, I enrolled in a public speaking course and English 101. The second semester I enrolled in a humanities and psychology course.”

Abigail’s extracurriculars include high school girls’ soccer team, church member, youth group, school spirit section member, Beta Club, National Honors Society, Teen Court, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Jefferson Community and Technical College On Campus Experience.

Her honors and awards include Kentucky High School Athletic Association Academic All State First Team, Outstanding GPA Award, A Honor Roll, Red Ribbon Week Essay School Winner, Red Ribbon Week Essay District Winner, Varsity Girls Soccer Academic Award, Academic Varsity Letter, Athletic Varsity Letter, Acceptance into National Honors Society, Acceptance into Teen Court, Acceptance into Jefferson Community Technical College Early College Program, AP World History Passing Score, AP United States History Passing Score, and her soccer team was selected for the United Soccer Coaches Team Academic Award.

Abigail is the 16 year-old daughter of Carrie and John Cook. She plans to attend the University of Kentucky Pharmacy School to eventually become an oncology pharmacist.

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