What is Central Time (and why do we love it)?

BC Central Time

Bullitt Central is excited to continue implementing Central Time for the 2021-2022 school year. We saw incredible results with the addition of Central Time into our daily school routines, and look forward to what our students accomplish using this resource throughout this year. 

Central Time is a 35-minute period in the middle of each school day devoted to ensuring students are academically successful and connected to our school by providing them an opportunity to meet twice weekly with an advisory group and attend intervention or enrichment sessions three times each week. 

These Advisory classes allow every student a place to become a valued group member of the BC Family and gain a staff member who will be on their side encouraging them. Advisory meets each Monday and Friday, allowing for check-ins, grade monitoring, goal setting, social-emotional learning, and mini-lessons to help students progress through high school and prepare for their future. 

Throughout the week, students are able to attend intervention or enrichment sessions. These sessions run in three-week cycles; at the beginning of the cycle, students who are passing all classes receive an “enrichment pass,” enabling them to attend an Enrichment Class of their choice. Students who are not passing all their current classes or who are behind on their credits will be required to choose an Intervention Class to attend each day. In Week 2 of each cycle, students who attended Intervention Classes the previous week of that cycle and managed to bring their grades up to passing will be eligible to receive an Enrichment Pass to use in Week 2 and Week 3 of that cycle. No new Enrichment Passes are issued in Week 3 of each cycle. 

“Central Time is one way we work towards achieving our mission, which is to provide equitable and quality instructional experiences for the whole student set,” explains Assistant Principal Christy Burden. “We are so excited to have this extra time to set aside to intentionally provide academic support to our students and connect students to Bullitt Central through our various pathways, clubs, sports, and other enrichment opportunities.” 


Learn more about Intervention and Enrichment Classes below: 


  • Intervention allows students an opportunity during the school day to make up tests they missed when they were absent. 

  • Intervention allows students a quiet place to catch up on work OR an opportunity to get extra help when they need it. 

  • All BC teachers teach at least one Intervention Class each week; some teach Intervention all three days. 

  • EVERY core class has at least one Intervention Class available EVERY day of Intervention, and many are available all three days and/or with multiple teachers each day. 



  • Enrichment Classes allow students an opportunity to explore interests outside their academic schedule. 

  • Enrichment Classes are taught by BC teachers and staff who have a passion for sharing their special talents or interests. 

  • Students MUST have their Enrichment Pass available to show the teacher in order to be allowed into the Enrichment Class they have chosen.


EVERY student must attend either an Intervention or Enrichment Class each day. Hallways, lobbies, restrooms, locker rooms, and all other areas without teacher supervision are off limits during Intervention/Enrichment. Classes and locations may vary slightly each three-week cycle. 




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