PBIS Reward System goes virtual

PBIS Rewards

Our PBIS Reward System is going virtual! In the past, the PBIS Reward System has utilized a paper cash system; with BC’s new changes to the system, students will now be able to be rewarded in real-time as teachers and staff see them in action. 

Positive Behavior Intervention Systems (PBIS) has been implemented at Bullitt County for several years. The main goal of PBIS is to teach students what’s expected of them academically, and help them build the skills and behaviors to be successful not only in education, but in life. 

At BC, we use the acronym ROAR: Respect, Ownership, Acceptance, Resilience. These are traits our staff has identified as important to cultivate within our students as they go through our building. When we see kids exhibiting any of these ROAR traits, we reinforce that positive behavior with our Reward System, which ensures these behaviors continue and increase. 

All students and staff are currently enrolled in our new virtual PBIS system. This allows teachers to immediately get on their phones and recognize a positive behavior when they see one, and students are able to see these recognitions in real-time. 

“This is a great way to reward ALL of our students,” emphasizes Ms. Sarah Norris, PBIS Coach and BC English teacher. “This encourages the students who are consistently engaging in the behaviors we are looking for, affirming that they are on the right track. For our students who aren’t consistently meeting expectations, this tool shows them that good behavior is rewarded, and encourages them to follow suit.” 

The next step for our virtual reward system is to get our parents involved! We want our parents and guardians to have the opportunity to submit from their phones at home, to recognize the positive traits and behaviors students are exhibiting at home. The final step is to take our ROAR store, where students can redeem their rewards for things like BC Swag and spirit wear, and put it online -- so that students will be able to shop from their phones! 

Keep an eye out for more information on our virtual reward system, and how we will be including our parents and guardians in the near future. 


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