Pathway Highlight: Law Enforcement

Driving simulator

Our students here at BE have a wide variety of interests, which is why we have opened up multiple pathways for students to learn more about the subjects that draw their attention from professionals in that field. Our Law Enforcement Pathway offers students the opportunity to learn more about jobs within Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice System. Students are taught by Ms. Carolyn Nunn, a professional that has worked within the content area. 

This pathway is open to incoming freshmen through seniors. The pathway offers four classes, and students can take two per year, which brings them to completion after two years. Students that join their senior year have the ability to complete two classes per semester in order to complete the pathway before graduation. 

“The biggest benefit of this pathway is that students get the chance to build upon their toolbox for after high school by learning about careers,” says Ms. Nunn. “As the instructor, this career pathway was my passion, and so the benefits of teaching this to high school students means I get to teach and share things about this pathway that you do not see or hear about on the news.” 

In addition, students learn about their rights, how laws are interpreted and enforced, and how to interact with people working in this field. Students complete research and presentations on law enforcement agencies, death row inmates, correctional facilities, and courtroom procedures. Students also create and work crime scenes, learn handcuffing and self defense tactics, conduct traffic stops, and learn how intoxicants affect drivers using impaired goggles. The pathway also recently acquired a driving simulator, which is used in class to discuss proper driving and liability issues. 



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