Central Healthy Choices Week for students May 9-13


May 9-13, Bullitt Central will introduce our first Healthy Choices Week, a week full of awareness centered around daily choices that can make lifelong impacts. BC intends to utilize this week as a way to focus on the importance of positive choices, and to teach our students that they control their own lives through the choices they make. 

The theme for the week is Choice not Chance. Each day students will participate in an activity and be entered in a give-away. Additionally, there will be daily social media posts focused on parents/guardians and how they can affect their child’s decision making. The week will wrap-up with a school-wide assembly featuring Attaboy on Friday, May 13. 

Attaboy is a band that curates a school assembly revolving around choices; the band encourages students to make decisions for themselves, and they share personal experiences of benefiting from making positive choices. Topics include not judging others, understanding your true value regardless of what others think, making decisions for yourself, and not letting your past define your future. 


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