St. Nicholas Day

Saint Nicholas

December is finally upon us! As we acclimate to the declining weather and prepare for the holidays, there’s one holiday that seems to sneak up on us: St. Nicholas Day, which is observed on December 6. 

This day recognizes the third-century saint who later became the inspiration for Santa Claus himself! Saint Nicholas was known for being incredibly generous; he sold all of his possessions and gave the money to the less fortunate, and he dedicated his life to helping those who were sick or suffering. Back then, families would leave their shoes by the fireplace to dry, and it was rumored St. Nicholas would leave presents or treats in the shoes as a gift. 

Today, we celebrate St. Nicholas Day by putting our shoes out by the fireplace and getting a surprise in the morning. For a fun surprise for your kids, be sure to have them put their shoes out before bed on Sunday, and stuff a few candies in the shoes for them to find in the morning!

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