Faculty Information

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Teacher/Staff Email and Websites

Teachers are listed by department. Scroll down to find the teacher you are looking for. Click on the address following the teacher’s name to send an e-mail message. Click on “Website” to open the teacher’s website.



Assistant Principals


Mr. Jason Wells Athletic Director jason.wells@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mrs. Michelle Frans  Athletic Office Manager michelle.frans@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. GJ Moore Asst. Athletic Director gary.moore@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. Shane Poppewell Asst. Athletic Director  shane.popplewell@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mrs. Shelley Westwood  Asst. Athletic Director


Office Staff

Mrs. Melissa Hoben  Office Manager melissa.hoben@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mrs. Sandra Britt        Receptionist Sandra.Britt@bullitt.kyschools.us
Ms. Kim Arnold Receptionist kim.arnold@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mrs. Nicole Phillips    Bookkeeper nicole.phillips@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mrs. Karen Holmes  Data Manager karen.holmes@bullitt.kyschools.us
Ms. Kristen Goins                                Records Clerk  kristen.goins@bullitt.kyschools.us 
Mrs. Michelle Crump  Attendance michelle.crump@bullitt.kyschools.us

Youth Service Center

Mrs. Christy Hardin                                          christy.hardin2@bullitt.kyschools.us
Ms. Bethany Blandford 


Career and Technical Education
Mrs. Shelley Westwood, Chair Health Science Website shelley.westwood@bullitt.kyschools.us 
Ms. Crystal Brown Business Website crystal.brown@bullitt.kyschools.us
Ms. Lisa Rucker    Business Website lisa.rucker@bullitt.kyschools.us
Ms. Hilary Hayden FCS: Childcare Website hilary.hayden@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. Chas Hooper Business Website charles.hooper@bullitt.kyschools.us 
Ms. Angie Huffman Business Website angela.huffman@bullitt.kyschools.us  
Mr. Justin (Mike) Peake Agriculture Website justin.peake@bullitt.kyschools.us
Ms. Tiphanie Peake   Agriculture Website tiphanie.peake@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. Andrew Robertson Business Website andrew.robertson@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mrs. Carolyn Seay Health Science Website carolyn.seay@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. Justin Whitsell Culinary Website justin.whitsell@bullitt.kyschools.us

College and Careers

Ms. Wendy McCutcheon                                   wendy.mccutcheon@bullitt.kyschools.us

ECE Specialists

Ms. Jennifer Hallinan,  ECE/ARC Chair Website jennifer.hallinan@bullitt.kyschools.us 
Mrs. Chelsae Mayfield   Website


Mr. Jessie Curry   Website jessie.curry@bullitt.kyschools.us 
Ms. Eden Gabbard   Website eden.gabbard@bullitt.kyschools.us
Ms. Kevin Mattingly   Website kevin.mattingly@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. Robert Holland   Website robert.holland1@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. Devin Huff   Website devin.huff@bullitt.kyschools.us
Ms. Ashley Kirk    Website ashley.kirk1@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. G.J. Moore   Website gary.moore@bullitt.kyschools.us
Ms. Katie Morris   Website katie.morris@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. Doug Jamison   Website william.jamison@bullitt.kyschools.us


Mrs. Melissa Williams Beatty Chair Website melissa.williams@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. Michael Thompson    Website  michael.thompson@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mrs. Marianne Jones    Website marianne.jones@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mrs. Kirsten Pelfrey   Website


Ms. Jennifer Hill   Website jennifer.hill@bullitt.kyschools.us
Ms. Judy Zabenco   Website judy.zabenco@bullitt.kyschools.us
Ms. Jessica Vowels   Website jessica.vowels@bullitt.kyschools.us
Ms. Bobbi Buchanan   Website bobbi.buchanan@bullitt.kyschools.us

Fine Arts

Ms. Allison Lupton                    Website  allison.lupton@bullitt.kyschools.us
Ms. Melanie Sparks   Website  melanie.sparks@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. Rodney Stults   Website  rodney.stults@bullitt.kyschools.us

Foreign Language

Mrs. Jennifer Hoglen, Spanish   Website jennifer.hoglen@bullitt.kyschools.us

Mrs. Chelsea Blair-Richcreek, Spanish

  Website chelsae.blairric@bullitt.kyschools.us

Health and Physical Education

Department Website

Mr. Shane Popplewell Chair  Website  shane.popplewell@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. Cory Brown    Website  cory.brown@bullitt.kyschools.us
Ms. Amanda Wimsatt   Website  amanda.wimsatt2@bullitt.kyschools.us

Instructional Tutors/Assistants

Ms. Vicki Swain

Ms. Jenn Headley

Ms. Debbi Lanham
Ms. Penny Reynolds
Ms. Sandy Karcher

Junior Reserve Officers Training Corp (JROTC)

JROTC Website    
Colonel Gene Roach   gene.roach@bullitt.kyschools.us

Librarian / Media Specialist


Ms. Anita Montgomery Chair  Website anita.montgomery@bullitt.kyschools.us 
Mr. Eric Connor   Website eric.connor@bullitt.kyschools.us 
Mrs. Kristi Kennedy   Website kristi.kennedy@bullitt.kyschools.us 
Mr. Matt Kuehn   Website matthew.kuehn@bullitt.kyschools.us
Ms. Kimberly Ludwig   Website kimberly.ludwig@bullitt.kyschools.us 
Mr. Isaac Mitchell   Website isaac.mitchell@bullitt.kyschools.us
Ms. Heather Reynolds   Website heather.reynolds@bullitt.kyschools.us 
Mr. Blake Stoltz   Website


Mr. Jason Schum   Website


Mr. Aaron Young   Website aaron.young@bullitt.kyschools.us


Ms. Maranda Feldman Website maranda.feldman@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. Matt Smith                              Website matt.smith@bullitt.kyschools.us


Mr. Roy Taylor Chair Website roy.taylor@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. Vincent (Vince) Castellano   Website vincent.castellano@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. Miciah Ocasio   Website miciah.ocasio@bullitt.kyschools.us
Ms. Whitney Pendleton   Website whitney.pendleton@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. Matthew Shirley   Website matthew.shirley@bullitt.kyschools.us
Ms. Lovence Ainembabzi   Website lovence.ainembabzi@bullitt.kyschools.us

Social Studies

Mrs. Angela Zorn Chair Website angela.zorn@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. Alex Carbello   Website


M   Website @bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. Jarred Dyer   Website jarred.dyer@bullitt.kyschools.us 
Ms. Nicole Klein   Website nicole.klein@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. Brian Michel   Website brian.michel@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. Allen South   Website allen.south@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. Thomas Grady   Website thomas.grady@bullitt.kyschools.us


Ms. Sherry Coleman Manager sherry.coleman@bullitt.kyschools.us
Ms. Pam Dooley    
Ms. Bonnie Fox    
Ms. Mary Rose Kern    
Ms. Tiffany Maraman    
Ms. Tracy Mitchell    
Ms. Susan O'Bryan    
Ms. Chasity Toles    
Custodial Staff
Ms. Judy Ice judy.ice@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mrs. Tina Newton tina.newton@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mr. Reggie Riley reginald.riley@bullitt.kyschools.us
Mrs. Sheryl Stokes sheryl.stokes@bullitt.kyschools.us

Clubs & Sponsors

Academic Team - 

BETA Club - Mrs. Shelley Westwood

Chess Coach - Mr. Robert Holland

Education First - STEM, Service Learning, Cultural, Explore America Travel Tours -  Mr. Eric Connor, Mrs. Kristi Kennedy, Mr. Matthew Shirley

FBLA - Mr. Chas Hooper  & Mrs. Angie Huffman

FCA - Mr.Jarred Dyer

FFA - Mr. Justin Peake & Mrs. Tiphanie Peake

Future Teachers of Bullitt County Club - 

International Travel Program - Mr. Chas Hooper

Scabbard & Blade Club - COL Roach 

Yearbook Advisor - Mr. Chas Hooper