Principal's Message

BCHS Community,

            Bullitt Central High School is committed to student success through innovative strategies, continuous improvement, and building meaningful and genuine relationships with our students. There is great tradition and pride at BCHS as well as a great future for the school, the staff, and most importantly our students. As the Principal of Bullitt Central High School I am committed to helping each student find their passion and then, helping them find the pathway to make the passion a reality beyond our classrooms. At times there are barriers, but there are no excuses. Our students deserve nothing less.

            This year marks the 5oth year that Bullitt Central High School has had its doors open to the students of Shepherdsville. That is a long history of helping students find their way to success. Tradition and pride of what has been is very important. It is just as important to connect with the present, and even more importantly the future. Our theme this school year is “Our House, Our Story.” Our message to students has been to embrace “Your House.” More importantly embrace and care for “everyone” in it because they are family. We should always want the best for our family.

            As the Principal of Bullitt Central High School, I view each and every student as my own. It is my great responsibility to ensure that there is a great, positive, family environment at Bullitt Central and it is my greatest commitment to do so. For only after that is in place can we ensure that every student is able to find their passion in life and the pathway to making that passion a reality. At Bullitt Central we are committed to this tremendous task. True student success is measured by what our students accomplish beyond our classrooms.

            We welcome the challenge. We welcome those who have already been a part of the Bullitt Central Family. We welcome those who may be new to the family. All have an integral part in the “Story” of Bullitt Central High School.

            Let’s make it an awesome story!


Thank you

Steve Miracle


Bullitt Central High School