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Bullitt Central’s Agriculture Department is Growing Again!


At Bullitt Central High School, students have the opportunity to pursue many different career pathways that are offered. Each year as the students progress, so do the pathway classes. This year at BCHS, students have learned many new skill sets in the Agriculture Pathway that are helping them become “Community Contributors”, one of Bullitt County Public School’s Graduate Profile Competencies. Bullitt Central’s Animal Science pathway is excited to announce a brand new partnership with the Humane Society of Nelson County. In addition, BCHS’ Mechanics pathway is also exploring a new metal-working business known as “Bullitt Plasma”. 

Mrs. Tiphanie Peake in the animal science pathway created the partnership with the Humane Society with the goal of fostering cats in her classroom at BCHS that are currently up for adoption. Mrs. Peake said, “The students look forward to finding the cats forever homes while providing the best care for each cat while they are with us.” The students’ main goal is to socialize the cats while also making sure they learn the personality of each adoptable cat. As a part of this process, the students will study animal behavior, communication, and health, all while working alongside the Humane Society. All cats are available for adoption by anyone who is approved through the Humane Society directly. 

Victoria Snyder, the office manager and social media coordinator for the Humane Society of Nelson County, expressed that she is also excited for this new partnership and eager for students to expand their learning while helping the cats to find their forever homes. “We are so excited to announce that the first kitten we had, Freya, was adopted within the first 24 hours of being with us,” said Mrs. Peake. If you are interested in adopting a cat or kitten, please check out the Bullitt Central High School Facebook page for available cats. For more information, contact Mrs. Peake directly via email: tiphanie.peake@bullitt.kyschools.us.  

Mr. Justin “Michael” Peake’s students in the Mechanics Pathway at Bullitt Central are also learning many new skill sets as well as a part of “Bullitt Plasma”. This pathway has recently acquired a new CNC machine, which is a large metal-cutting machine. Using this machine, the students in the agriculture pathway have been able to learn how to operate the machine as well as take part in the business aspect of the operation as they take product orders for cut-out metal signs. 

As a part of this process, the Agriculture Department also collaborates with other pathways in Bullitt Central, such as art, business, and more. This process incorporates many different content areas, including science, technology, math, and engineering concepts. “The students are excited and proud of the projects they are completing. I am excited because students are facing new challenges that require them to use their problem solving skills,” Mr. Peake said.

If you are interested in buying a sign from Bullitt Plasma, be sure to check the Bullitt Central FFA Chapter Facebook Page (they have a specific post about the business on November 12, 2021) or for more information, contact Mr. Peake directly via email: justin.peake@bullitt.kyschools.us.  

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