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Kelly Atcher of Mt. Washington Middle School Selected as Legislative Page

Legislative Page Kelly Atcher of MWMS

Mt. Washington Middle School eighth grader Kelly Atcher will spend a day in Frankfort serving as Bullitt County’s only Legislative Page.

The 13 year-old daughter of Michael and Danielle Atcher will work with either newly elected State Senator Mike Nemes or State Representative Russell Webber and see government in action during the 2020 Kentucky General Assembly.

Kelly said being the only BCPS student is, “kind of scary just thinking about it, but thinking of how far I came and that I even got accepted is just amazing.”

“Overall, I am very excited to be a Page, I can’t wait to see how my government works and see what they are doing to make Kentucky a better place!” she said

Kelly learned of the opportunity from School Youth Service Center Coordinator Megan Hatter who praised her initiative.

“Kelly’s been a fierce, delightful leader and I encourage everyone to congratulate her on this exciting recognition,” Mrs. Hatter said. “This is an amazing opportunity for Kelly to not only witness the legislative process alongside our county reps, but bask in the spotlight she deserves as a dedicated student in and out of the classroom!”

The application for Legislative Page required artwork and an essay. Kelly chose a food drive and how it helped her community as the subject of her artwork.

“I also chose this because I believe it is the best fundraiser that gets the most support from my school,” she explained. “It defines how the Youth Service Center has helped students.”

Kelly said she invested a long time thinking about her essay. It had to be 100 words or less.

“I wrote why I wanted to be a Page and my purpose for applying,” she said.

Before traveling to Kentucky’s capitol, Kelly will prepare for her duties by reading more about the Legislature so she can be ready.

“I will make sure I keep a positive attitude while learning and I will bring notes so I can compare and contrast how the government works to how student government works,” she said. “My best friends know I love school, so I am excited to learn anything and everything.”

Kelly said she loves all of her school subjects such as math, science and loves to read, along with writing her own stories.

“Every subject is unique, just like every person, and every job you work for,” she said. “It takes a special person for each individual job.”

Kelly is involved in Student Council, BETA Club, Academic Team, Future Problem Solving Team, and Kentucky Youth Advocates.

Kelly’s goal in life is to be successful in whatever she does or chooses to do in the future.

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