Student Spotlight

Automotive Student of the Month

Caleb is always ready to work on anything he is asked to do. He works well with everyone in his class.

- Mr. Ryan- Automotive

Aviation Student of the Month

Noah's aspirations are to Fly for the Airlines.

- Mr. Dickson- Aviation

Masonry Student of the Month

Jose is a great classmate and gets along with everyone. He has a great attitude and shows a willingness to learn. I commend him on the effort he puts into his notebook and his attention to detail.

- Mr. Light- Masonry

Welding Student of the Month

Kaleb practices and works hard daily on his stick welding. He is always willing to help his classmates and is very polite

- Mr. Benet- Welding

Carpentry Student of the Month

Jack is always excited to work in the shop. He is interested in all aspects of carpentry class and works hard to improve his craftsmanship.

- Mr. Jackson- Carpentry

Electrical Student of the Month

Levi has made great strides in his presentation of the wind turbine they have been constructing. He has gained a greater understanding of the importance of the type of wire used and why it is used.

- Mr. Ashford- Electrical

Industrial Maintenance Student of the Month

Lane puts forth great effort, and applies himself to the task at hand. He helps out when called upon, and he works hard to get his assignments in on time.

- Mr. Wallen- Industrial Maintenance