Angela Swan

The goal of our BCPS Graduate Profile is to give all our students the skills and resources they need to have success post-graduation; the Profile focuses on six competencies that focus on empowering and equipping students for life after high school. These competencies include Community Contributor, Effective Communicator, Productive Collaborator, Innovative Problem Solver, Mastery Learner, and Self-Directed Navigator. BCPS hones in on developing our students in each of these competencies, and what makes us the most excited is when we get to see the success of our BCPS Graduates in action! 

We would like to highlight just two of our BCPS alumni who have been seeing major successes recently! Angela Swan, BEHS Class of 2022, is currently working with a union contractor, Snell, and is a first year apprentice with Bricklayers Local 4 in Kentucky, which trains and represents the most highly sought after craftworkers in the industry with expertise in bricklaying, tile setting, Marble, Stone, and Cement Masonry, Terrazzo and Mosaic work, Plasterist, PCC Restoration, and more. At BEHS in 2022, Angela completed her masonry track test with Local 4 Union and was identified as an extremely talented young person through her completion of a written test, skills performance, and an interview. Now, during her time in the Local 4’s Union Apprenticeship Program, she was sent to a “Women in the Trades” conference in Las Vegas, and was then invited to be a part of a virtual roundtable called “Labor Women Who Lead.” Angela is paving the way for young women in labor to see success within their community – that’s what we call a #BCPSCommunityContributor! 

We would also like to recognize Sydney Key, BCHS Class of 2021, and her dedication to becoming a #BCPSMasteryLearner. Sydney completed the EMT Program through BCPS, and since graduating in 2021, Sydney has been furthering her learning by gaining as much experience as possible in many different medical fields. Just recently, she spent the day with PHI Air Med London 1, the leading air ambulance provider in the country, offering air medical services to local communities and leading healthcare systems. She then went on to spend a week shadowing a trauma surgeon in the ER at UK Hospital. Sydney’s mom, Missy, said, “I never know where she’ll be or what she’ll be doing! The EMT Program through BCPS was the best thing she could have done to help with her surgeon career (and the best path to medical school).” 

We are so proud of our BCPS alumni for paving their paths! Do you have a story of how BCPS has helped inspire and equip our students to succeed in life? If so, send us your story by emailing: