Mrs. Weekman

BCPS congratulates Mrs. Jeannette Weekman on her recognition as a Kentucky School Breakfast Champion! Ms. Weekman is the Cafeteria Manager at Mt. Washington Middle School and has dedicated herself to ensuring school meals are a vital part of every student’s education. 

The Kentucky School Breakfast Champion Campaign is a collaborative effort between No Kid Hungry Kentucky and The Dairy Alliance. It celebrates and highlights leaders across the Commonwealth who go above and beyond to make breakfast happen for Kentucky students. Kentucky School Breakfast Champions are nominated by a peer as someone who helps ensure students receive the nutrition they need to learn and grow and as a leader within the district. 

Mrs. Weekman noticed the lack of students eating breakfast before school and came up with the idea of a Second Chance Breakfast. This opportunity helps more students get breakfast to support their learning, which has been directly linked to better academic performance. The Cleveland Clinic provides research that shows that without breakfast, students of all ages may feel irritable and tired, which can lead to behavior and attention issues throughout the day; with breakfast, a student’s brain has the fuel they need to perform and learn (Cleveland Clinic 2020). 

“Mrs. Weekman and her team truly put our students first. They build relationships with every student that comes through the line for breakfast or lunch,” states Mr. Tim Ridley, Principal of MWMS. “The Second Chance Breakfast has been more successful than we ever anticipated and that is because of the hard work and dedication of her team and staff.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Weekman! BCPS is thankful to have individuals like you on our team who prioritize the needs of our students and think outside of the box in order to best promote their success.