Congratulations to our BCPS Archery Teams and individuals for their performance in the 2023 Kentucky National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) State Tournament on March 17-18! Several of our BCPS Archery Teams participated from multiple schools, including elementary, middle, and high school students. 

You may not have ever considered that archery can help students improve their performance in the classroom – but this is exactly what NASP focuses on: by teaching key skills such as focus, self-control, discipline, patience, and life lessons through archery, they help students improve how students approach and perform in their academic work. And in addition to the academic side, wildlife conservation agencies believe this program will help more students grow up to be inspired to “spend more time with wild things in wild places,” according to the NASP brochure.

Because of how effective – and fun! – this program is, over 2.3 million students are involved in NASP throughout the country. 

BCPS would like to recognize five of our BCPS Archery Teams and some of their individuals for their incredible accomplishments at the State Tournament. These students competed in 3D and Bullseye Archery contests; 3D Archery helps students practice their aim and point by shooting at 3-dimensional targets that look like animals, while Bullseye tournaments help an archer focus on mechanics with the emphasis on landing the “bullseye” in the center. The teams compete together, and members are also able to compete as individuals. 

Congratulations to the following teams and their members: 

  • Bernheim Middle School Archery 

    • State Runner Up in 3D 

    • 3rd Place in Bullseye

    • Member Jayden Kearney named State Champion in 3D and State Runner Up in Bullseye

  • Bullitt Lick Middle School Archery

    • The BLMS Archery Team will be moving on the National Level Competition

    • Member Ian Lloyd received 3rd Place in Bullseye

  • Cedar Grove Elementary School Archery

    • State Runner Up in Bullseye

    • State Runner Up in 3D

    • Member William Pottinger received 3rd Place in 3D

  • Shepherdsville Elementary School Archery

    • Named 2023 State Champion in both Bullseye and 3D

    • Member Kayleigh Edwards named State Champion in Bullseye

    • Member Alaina Lee received Runner Up in Bullseye

    • Member Makinlee Atherton received Runner Up in 3D

  • Bullitt Central High School Archery

    • Completed an undefeated regular season

    • Earned the titles of 2023 Bullseye State Champions & 3D State Runner Up

    • Member Adam Dustin named State Champion in 3D; also earned $1,500 in archery college scholarships

    • Member Austin Rock received Runner Up in Bullseye

Congratulations to all of our phenomenal Archery Teams and their members! Keep an eye out for the Bullitt Lick Middle School Archery Team as they advance to the National Competition.