Jesse Bacon, Superintendent

Wow – time really does fly when you’re having fun! It’s hard to believe another school year has passed, and it’s even harder to believe that the years keep getting better. As we wrap up this 2022-23 school year, we all at BCPS are amazed at how our students continue to push the boundaries of their own education. Each year, I personally am inspired by the tenacity of our students as they take their journeys into their own hands – and excited by our teachers and administration who rise to the challenge of supporting their success. 

BCPS is a district that houses not only the dreamers, but the innovators. As we graduate the Class of 2023, I am positive they will make waves within our community and the communities beyond, and I am excited to see what they accomplish. Seniors, I hope you look back on your time at BCPS with fondness and look forward to your future with anticipation. 

To the rest of our BCPS students, it’s so true when people tell you how fast this time goes by. Blink, and we’ll be saying goodbye to the Class of 2024 and saying hello to the next class of students. I urge you to enjoy yourself – meet each year with commitment, enthusiasm, and excitement. Step out of your friend group and get to know the other classes around you. Expand your world by exploring ideas, experiences, and especially friendships. Trust me, you won’t regret it. 

Parents, guardians, families – thank you for prioritizing the education of your student(s), and placing your trust in BCPS to provide them their educational home. Thank you for your tireless efforts as you help your students with homework, support their extracurricular passions, stay updated on what’s happening within our district, and ultimately, show up and show out for BCPS. You are an instrumental gear in the apparatus of your child’s education. 

To the teachers, administrators, and staff, the quality of education BCPS is proud to provide could not be reached without your dedication to our students’ development. We all know this growth doesn’t happen just inside the classroom, but outside as students experience curated field trips, explore new hobbies, and thrill in extracurricular activities. You provide the very foundation on which our students are able to achieve; we couldn’t do it without you. 

I hope your summer is spent with quality time, joy, laughter, and new experiences. Have a safe, healthy, and happy Summer Break, everyone – we’ll see you next year! 

Dr. Jesse Bacon, Superintendent