As promised, we’re bringing you along on our journey toward Authentic Learning for all students here in BCPS and North Bullitt High School is taking a significant leap forward in educational innovation. Three BCPS science teachers at NBHS, Katherine Seawright, Cassandra Punjack, and Kristi Burkhead, have been selected by PBLNow, in collaboration with PBLWorks, to lead the charge in integrating cutting-edge Project Based Learning (PBL) curriculum units into their classrooms.

This initiative marks a pivotal moment for NBHS, showcasing our dedication to adopting educational strategies that place students at the heart of their learning journey. By engaging with authentic, real-world problems and questions, our students are empowered to develop the critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaborative skills that are a part of our BCPS Graduate Profile and essential for success in the 21st century.

A Closer Look at Authentic Learning

At its core, Authentic Learning is a dynamic teaching method where students explore and respond to complex, engaging questions or challenges over an extended period. This approach fosters a deep, hands-on learning experience that is both meaningful and relevant to students' lives. PBL Works provides invaluable support to our staff through professional development, curriculum guidance, and research, ensuring that educators like Seawright, Punjack, and Burkhead are fully equipped to bring the most effective authentic learning practices into their classrooms.

The North Bullitt High School Initiative

The selected NBHS teachers are pioneering the use of these new units in their classrooms in order to help refine them for future use. These units are designed around key authentic learning principles such as sustained inquiry, authenticity, and student voice, ensuring that our students are not just learners, but active participants in their education. This hands-on approach will culminate in public products, allowing students to showcase their work beyond the classroom walls, connecting their learning with the real world.

A Vision for the Future

"We are thrilled and honored to have our teachers lead this transformative educational endeavor," said Kristi Lynch, Principal of North Bullitt High School. "This is more than just a curriculum shift; it's a step towards reimagining how we educate our students, making learning more engaging, relevant, and impactful. We believe that by embracing Authentic Learning, we are preparing our students not just for academic success, but for a successful life beyond our school."

As NBHS embarks on this journey, the implications extend far beyond our classrooms. This initiative aligns with BCPS' broader mission to provide innovative and forward-thinking education to all students. By pioneering such initiatives, we are setting a precedent for educational excellence, ensuring our students are ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future head-on.