Hebron Authentic Learning Experiences

For the second year running, Discovery School students at Hebron Middle School have once again showcased their talent and dedication at the Future City Regionals competition at Oldham County Middle. This competition truly reinforces the values of Authentic Learning by having students collaborate to address real-world challenges. These students have exemplified how innovative learning methods can lead to remarkable achievements.

This year’s Future City competition, sponsored by DiscoverE, challenged participants to design a city of the future, focusing on fully electrified urban planning. Our students embarked on a comprehensive journey, researching civil engineering, energy solutions, and sustainable urban development, culminating in the creation of their future city models.

The 8th-grade team, featuring Lydia Gabbert, Brandon Geary, Bailey Green, and Ethan Stokley, secured 4th place in the Kentucky Region, a commendable feat among numerous teams. Their project "Electropia" won Best Presentation and team member Brandon Geary received the Best Presenter award. Their city model was recognized with the Special Award for Best Land Surveying Practices by the NCEES (National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying).

Our 7th grade team consisted of Blake Baker, Cal Bland, Nicholas Garvin, Nate Rink, and John Barsamian. This team also shone brightly, with Barsamian winning Best Presenter and his team receiving the STANTEC “Creating Community” Award for their city project. All-in-all, Discovery Teams brought home a half-dozen individual and group awards sponsored by professional and community organizations along with $500 in cash prizes for their school.

Reflecting on the students' success, Principal Chad Foster remarked, "Our students' achievements at the Future City Regionals are a clear indicator of the power of Authentic Learning. It's not just about solving problems but about fostering a culture of curiosity, innovation, and teamwork. I couldn't be prouder of their hard work and the real-world skills they are developing."

Superintendent Jesse Bacon echoed these sentiments, adding, "The success of our students in such a prestigious competition underscores the effectiveness of our educational approach. By embracing Authentic Learning in BCPS, we are preparing our students for the complexities of the real world, equipping them with the critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills they need to thrive – whatever their futures hold. This is a proud moment for our community and a beacon of what we can achieve together."

Authentic Learning places students at the center of their educational experience, engaging them in meaningful projects that address genuine, complex issues and helps students build toward the six skills outlined in our BCPS Graduate Profile. This method has proven instrumental in developing vital 21st-century skills among students, making learning more engaging and relevant.

As we celebrate the achievements of our Future City competitors, we invite the community to recognize the hard work, creativity, and innovation of these young minds. Their success is not only a win for Discovery School but a shining example of the transformative impact of Authentic Learning on education.