Dr. Henry and Principal Nokes facing cadets at the Ceremony

In a pioneering move, Bullitt County Public Schools, under the leadership of Assistant Superintendent Dr. Adrienne Usher, introduced a Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) program at Bullitt Lick Middle School this academic year. This groundbreaking initiative marks one of the few middle school cadet programs in the nation and offers students a unique opportunity for leadership development and civic engagement.

"Creating a middle school JROTC program at BLMS provides students the incredible opportunity to begin work in career pathways before they start high school,” shared Dr. Doug Henry, a teacher at Bullitt Lick and the head of the JROTC program there.

To celebrate this milestone, the cadets of Bullitt Lick Middle School conducted a military pass in review ceremony on February 28th in the school gymnasium. This ceremony, a rare occurrence for middle school cadet programs, highlights the dedication and commitment of both students and staff.

"We are thrilled to provide our students with this innovative opportunity," said Dr. Usher. "This program not only instills valuable leadership skills but also fosters a sense of pride and discipline among our students."

The ceremony was a collaborative effort, showcasing the synergy between students, staff, schools, and the community. The school's band and choir accompanied the cadets with music, enhancing the ceremonial atmosphere. Additionally, representatives from the cadet programs at Bullitt Central High School and North Bullitt High School joined the event as well, symbolizing the continuity and progression of the JROTC program within BCPS.

Dr. Henry stated, “Many of our BLMS cadets aspire to be in public safety and the echeloning of JROTC programs within the district provides these middle school cadets an opportunity to interact with and learn from peers in high school programs."

In recognition of their dedication and achievements, several national-level organizations, including the American Legion, Daughters of the American Revolution, and the Reserve Officers Association, presented awards to Bullitt Lick Middle School's cadets during the ceremony.

The establishment of the JROTC program at Bullitt Lick Middle School exemplifies Bullitt County Public Schools' commitment to providing innovative and enriching experiences for its students. This initiative not only prepares students for future success but also strengthens the bond between the school and the community.

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