BCPS CCILT Meets February 29th

The Bullitt County Public Schools’ Community Collaborators for Innovative Learning Team (CCILT) recently convened for their February meeting, focusing on key aspects of their ongoing projects. The meeting, which was attended by teachers, administrators, instructional coaches, and community members, highlighted the team's commitment to continuous improvement and collaborative problem-solving.

The meeting began with a community-building activity centered around the BCPS Graduate Profile, emphasizing the team's shared vision for student success and development. This set a positive tone for the rest of the session by fostering a sense of unity and purpose among team members.

A significant portion of the meeting was dedicated to revisiting the “problem statement” established in April of 2023. This problem statement focused on identifying any barriers that currently exist within BCPS that might be getting in the way of creating student-centered, authentic, real-world learning experiences for all of BCPS’ students - including things such as school culture, schedules, and training.

This exercise underscored the team's dedication to staying aligned with their initial goals and ensuring that their work remains focused and purposeful. Additionally, there was a comprehensive review of the work completed in the last session, emphasizing the team's progress-tracking approach to continuous improvement efforts.

One of the key activities of the meeting involved categorizing potential solutions to the identified problem statement. In a previous session, teams had generated various solutions and recorded them on post-it notes. In the February meeting, team members took it a step further by organizing these notes into categories. This systematic approach allowed for a more in-depth analysis and understanding of the proposed solutions, paving the way for informed decision-making.

Another highlight of the meeting was the creation of a “parameter diagram” for the identified solution themes. Teams took the organized post-it notes and developed a parameter diagram, which involved determining controlled inputs, uncontrolled inputs, and desired outputs. This structured method for evaluating potential solutions will guide the team in planning their next steps with clarity and precision.

In her closing remarks, Dr. Usher provided valuable insights into the recent work happening around the Graduate Profile across the district. This commitment to keeping all team members informed about progress within the educational community reflects the CCILT's dedication to transparency and collaboration.

Overall, the February meeting of the CCILT was a productive and insightful session, highlighting the team's commitment to continuous improvement and collaborative problem-solving. By revisiting their problem statement, categorizing potential solutions, and creating diagrams, the team has taken significant strides towards achieving their goals and making a positive impact on student learning and development within BCPS.