Authentic Learning at PGE

Fourth-grade students at Pleasant Grove Elementary recently embarked on a transformative learning journey as they kicked off their “Make a Difference” Authentic Learning Experience. This project not only provided valuable learning opportunities but also encouraged students to become active Community Contributors and Effective Communicators.

The project began with representatives from the community, including Mr. Perry Cooke from Mark 12 Ministries, Grace Manning from the Bullitt County Animal Shelter, and Brianna Stapleton from Free Little Libraries, visiting the school to teach students about service and the concerns facing Bullitt County. This initial engagement set the stage for a project that would challenge students to think critically about how they can positively impact their local community.

Throughout the project, students were tasked with identifying areas where they could make a difference and developing actionable plans to address these issues. This hands-on approach not only deepened their understanding of community needs but also fostered a sense of responsibility and empathy.

McKinzee Krish, a 4th-grade teacher at Pleasant Grove Elementary, shared her enthusiasm for the project, stating, "The Make a Difference Project has been an incredible journey for our students. It has allowed them to see the direct impact they can have on their community and has empowered them to become change-makers. This experience has truly brought our classroom lessons to life."

This learning experience exemplified several components of BCPS' Graduate Profile. By engaging with community representatives and developing plans to address community concerns, students demonstrated their role as Community Contributors. They also showcased their skills as Effective Communicators and Productive Collaborators as they worked together with their peers and local community members to develop and present their ideas.

PGES Principal Dionna Bickley expressed her excitement about the project, stating, "Our Make a Difference Authentic Learning Experience is a wonderful opportunity for our fourth graders to learn about the importance of service and civic engagement. By collaborating with community representatives, our students are not only developing essential skills but also gaining a deeper appreciation for the world around them while interacting with fourth grade content standards."

BCPS Superintendent Dr. Jesse Bacon commended the school for its continued commitment to providing meaningful learning experiences, noting, "The Make a Difference project at Pleasant Grove Elementary exemplifies our district's dedication to fostering civic-minded students who are ready to take on the real world once they leave BCPS. By engaging with authentic issues and working collaboratively with community members, our students are learning valuable lessons that will serve them well beyond the classroom."

As the project progresses, students at Pleasant Grove Elementary are not only learning about the power of service but they are also putting these lessons into action. By practicing the skills of being Community Contributors, Productive Collaborators, and Effective Communicators, these fourth graders are truly making a difference in their school and community!

As we continue on this journey toward Authentic Learning, we invite you to join us in celebrating the achievements of our students and teachers. Follow us on our website and social media platforms for updates on how we are continuing to shape authentic learning experiences in BCPS!