BCPS Takes on STLP

The Student Technology Leadership Program (STLP) at Bullitt County Public Schools is not just about technology; it's about empowering students to become Effective Communicators, Self-Directed Navigators, Community Contributors, Innovative Problem Solvers, Mastery Learners, and Productive Collaborators. STLP provides a platform for students to design, create, collaborate, and learn, aligning perfectly with BCPS' mission to inspire and equip our students to succeed in life.

This year, 200 BCPS students from 12 schools participated in the STLP State Championship, joining over 16,000 students statewide for a day of learning and competition. BCPS had one standout project from Brooks Elementary make it to Level 3. Their project aimed to widen access to reading materials for students with differing abilities or language barriers. This exemplifies the innovative problem-solving and community contribution encouraged by the STLP program.

In the Challenge category, BCPS students showcased their skills and talents. Debra Satterly from Hebron Middle School placed 2nd in AI On-Demand for Middle Grades, while Megh Patel from Old Mill Elementary earned 2nd place in the Elementary Division. Caroline Hornback from Pleasant Grove Elementary received 2nd place in Cyber Security, highlighting BCPS students' ability to excel in various technical challenges, demonstrating their innovative problem-solving skills.

The Digital Products category saw impressive creations from Hebron Middle School students, including Gaige Dicus' 1st place in Digital Music Manipulation and Molly Compton, Bella Frantz, and Anna McKune's 1st place in Podcasting. Hebron Middle School also had several finalists in Creative Digital Arts, including Isaac Appleford and Marcelo Salazar's 2nd Place in Featured Video and Jake Lyons' 2nd Place in Manipulated Image. These accomplishments demonstrate BCPS students' mastery of digital tools and their creativity in the arts, essential skills in the 21st-century digital landscape.

BCPS also had two students selected for the Block Code Crew: Samuel Harrington and Arnaldo Tirado. This crew rotates to assist visitors in STLP Robot World. Block Code Crew gives students an opportunity to display their ability to the large audience that State Championship provides and to interact with students across the state, encouraging others to explore and create with block coding and answering questions as needed.

STLP is more than just a competition; it's a catalyst for learning and growth. It taps into students' interests, challenges them to explore new ways of learning, and helps them develop skills that are essential for success in college and careers. BCPS is proud to support and celebrate the achievements of its STLP participants, showcasing their talents and contributions to the school and community. As we continue "Moving Forward," STLP remains a vital part of BCPS' commitment to inspiring excellence in our students.