Summer Resources for Students and Parents

Summer is finally here! As the 2021-2022 school year officially comes to a close, BCPS could not be more proud and impressed with all of our students; as we were able to come back to a “normal” year, our students jumped right back in and pushed the boundaries of everything we had to offer. From academics and extracurriculars to building positive and inclusive communities, our students progressed in more than the typical ways we are accustomed to seeing. 

So why should that momentum stop because the school year has? We wanted to share some summer resources our students can utilize to continue learning, growing, and discovering new interests. Peruse our list and see what the world has to offer for our upcoming community members! 

Resources for all ages

  • Take a look at the Reading Partners Resource Library! This library includes literary resources for students of all ages, and provides each of them in English and Spanish. Resources include reading worksheets, literary engagement resources and tips, and more. 
  • Speaking of foreign language learning, Duolingo is a great way for students to keep up with their language learning or learn a new language. Duolingo can be downloaded onto your student’s cell phone and is a fun and engaging way to immerse your child into the world of a new language. By using the program just a few minutes a day, your child can develop foreign language skills just over the summer.

Resources for elementary and middle school students

Start with a Book offers 24 kid-friendly topics featuring specific ideas for using books and related downloadable activities to build closer relationships with children and to get them thinking, talking, creating, and exploring. The website features tips for parents in English, Spanish, and nine other languages. 

  • This website,, has a large collection of activities to keep your kids busy and learning this summer! Students can explore hands-on science activities, fun math worksheets, reading challenges, and even outdoor games to get them out in the sun. 

  • The Math Playground offers math exercises that feel like games! This website offers targeted games for students K-6. 

  • In a similar vein, the Science Game Center offers science exercises presented as games! SGC aims to demonstrate to teachers, scientists, museums, and parents the myriad ways games can be used to improve education in math and science – and our students get to benefit from it. 

  • Check out Social Studies for Kids, a free online collection of games for students as young as Preschool and as old as 8th Grade! These simple and fun games bring students through a variety of histories while simultaneously sparking interest in the topics. 

  • For our music loving kids, try Agame’s music game selection that features dozens of online music games. These games will allow your student to explore making music, improving rhythmic knowledge, and showing off their music knowledge in trivia quiz games. 

Resources for older students

  • If your student is in high school, check out some of these online summer programs offered through TeenLife. This website includes a comprehensive list of available summer programs for your high school student, including programs focused on STEM, Business, Design, Journalism, History, Foreign Language, and so much more. 

  • If you have a high school student or a student wanting to test and improve their theory knowledge, check out, an online program that provides lessons, exercises, and quizzes on anywhere from basic to advanced music theory knowledge. 

We hope one of these programs sparks your – and your child’s! – interest in continuing the learning momentum over the summer. We hope you enjoy your summer!