BCHS Student Competes Nationally

Alicia Konichek is a rising senior at Bullitt Central High School for 2022-2023. She competed in the National Educators Rising competition for "Exploring Non-Core Subject Careers" and was recognized as an Educators Rising Honor Student in Washington, D.C. at their national conference during the last week of June.

Educators Rising is a career and technical student organization connected to the teaching and learning pathway in Bullitt County Public Schools, which provides high school students with authentic teaching-like experiences to grow BCPS’ own high school students to be future educators. As a part of Educators Rising, BCPS students embrace the calling of teaching as a profession, learn techniques and get clinical experiences as an accomplished teacher even before college, and get recognized as student leaders and advocates for education.

Adrienne Usher, Assistant Superintendent, had this to say: "As we work to grow and expand our teaching and learning pathway programs and Educator Rising chapters at our high schools with teacher leaders, students, and higher education partnerships, we will be able to create a sustainable "grow our own" program to recruit future Bullitt County Public School teachers that are currently enrolled in our high school classrooms today." 

"Competing at the Educators Rising National Competition this year in Washington D.C is a goal that I made for myself as soon as I heard about it,” Alicia said of her conference experience. “It was an amazing experience that I will always remember. It was a great opportunity for not only competing but also connecting with other future and current educators and learning about the different strategies and opportunities that are available. I learned so much and I intend to take that knowledge and integrate it into our program. I also want to thank those who helped me to get Nationals."

We want to congratulate Alicia on exhibiting so many of our Graduate Profile competencies as she competed and participated in other events at the national level. She is truly a future focused Community Contributor, Effective Communicator, and Mastery Learner.