BCPS Accountability at a Glance
Today, the Kentucky Department of Education released accountability scores for each public K-12 school in Kentucky. It is important to know this is a baseline year for all districts across the Commonwealth due to a new accountability system combined with a snapshot in time of student academic progress post-pandemic. In BCPS, our core values of Students Matter Most, Shared Accountability, and Future Focused will drive our planning and work moving forward. The goal of sharing our accountability information is to continue to grow our partnership with parents and the community as we transition and transform the learning experience to provide opportunities for our students to develop and master our BCPS Graduate Profile competencies.

“Our mission continues to be “to inspire and equip our students to succeed in life.” We are proud of the progress made by our students, teachers, and staff during the two most difficult years we have seen in education. Our entire team continues to work extremely hard to meet the needs of all our students and families. However, we also acknowledge there is more work to be done. We must continue to strive toward providing ALL students with authentic experiences that connect students' interests to their learning. Doing so results in students who are mastery learners, effective communicators, self-directed navigators, productive collaborators, innovative problem solvers, and community contributors. We encourage you to talk with teachers, principals, and district office staff about your views on how we can continue to improve and best meet the educational needs of your children and our community.” - Dr. Jesse Bacon, BCPS Superintendent

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